Sunday, December 6, 2009

christmas decorations

Today Jean-Marc and I headed out to the local forest to see what kind of greenery we could scavenge for decoration. We spotted some honeysuckle vines in the forest and Jean-Marc immediately saw the potential. We made two spheres, as well as a wreath, and when we got them home we put lights inside. One sphere is sitting on top of our armoire in the bedroom and the other is in the living room. I like the effect of the natural branches and the lights, and it's a nice alternative to a Christmas tree (which we didn't really have the room for).


  1. love it. might have to 'borrow' the idea

  2. awesome!- i am enjoying your posts Marianne. I always feel like i have to write so much in my blog that it becomes so daunting that it doesn't get done....
    love to you!