Monday, November 30, 2009

la pouëze

This is the name of the village where I am living. It's not a very pretty name and it's not a particularly charming village. It was once known for its slate quarry (best in the nation!) but now that the quarry is closed, the village has lost a lot of its life. La Pouëze is about 25kms from the city of Angers and it has a population of about 1700, most of whom commute to the city for work. An old-timer told me the other day that there used to be 24 cafés here and now there is only one. While the village is not all that lovely, it is in the countryside and there are lots of fields, country paths and woods to explore. My personal favourite is the small wooded park behind the château; it's where I go running when it's not too wet out.

We will likely be moving in the near future, depending on where I find work. The thing is, now that I've settled in here and we've set up the apartment so that it works for us, I'm starting to get attached to this place!

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