Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's been a month since I last wrote something here and much has happened in that month! First off, I have passed my trial period at work, so we have the green light to look for a place to live and I think I may have found the perfect house. More on that as it develops.

As I think I mentioned to you before, one of the conditions of taking this job was agreeing to purchase a mobile phone. I've never been a big cell phone person; I had one in Canada but didn't use it very often and when I arrived in France I didn't feel I needed one. I came to appreciate not having a cell phone: not being available to everyone all the time, having to make firm commitments with people rather than using the phone as excuse to be late and no extra communication expenses!

A couple of weeks ago, all that came to an end. I gave in. I was forced to give in. Of course, since I also didn't have a digital camera or mp3 player, I opted for one that had all that and when I got it home, instead of feeling excited about my new toy, I just felt a black pit of dread in my tummy. I had entered the consumer world of mobile phones, the world of things becoming obsolete thus necessitating upgrades. In fact, I discovered that my phone cannot connect with my computer's current operating system, meaning that I have to upgrade that in order to get my music onto my phone. That's just the start, I'm sure!

On the positive side, I have a video camera and I can share more of my life and surroundings with you. Here's a typical morning scene from my office window:
And here's a typical afternoon scene from my office window (notice the difference!):


  1. holy ding donging! My father in law would go bananas!

  2. Yes, there is much dinging and donging going on here! I think the multi-note ones are before the sung services, which are three times per day.

  3. absolutely beautiful to see and hear! I think you have tumbled into paradise.

  4. My daughter is considering coming to live with you :)

  5. @Liz - yes it does feel like I have tumbled into paradise! Every day I am grateful for the peaceful location, the gorgeous views and the full-time job.
    @Kimberly - Your daughter is more than welcome to come and stay! Once we move into our new place - which we still haven't confirmed but seems quite likely - we will have enough room for your daughter AND you to come visit. Ooohhhh, just think about a little trip to Paris and Vézelay. :)