Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ringing in the new year

After spending Christmas with Jean-Marc's family, we headed down to the Auvergne to see our friends and check up on the farmhouse. Since there is no heating in the farmhouse, staying there was out of the question, but we were lucky enough to be able to stay with friends a few kilometres away. We took our cat Domino with us and he had fun staying at our friends' place with two other cats and a dog (!). It was a very relaxing week, with lazy mornings, excellent meals, afternoon strolls, and a warm fire to sit by at night. There were no firm plans for New Year's Eve, but at the last minute we were invited to a couple's house with a number of other people. In the end there were about fourteen of us and we all shared a delicious meal that went on until about 2pm. For me the real treat was seeing the inside of this house that once had nuns living in it. The couple bought and renovated the place ten years ago and it has been beautifully restored. I had the best seat in the house at the dining room table because I was directly in front of a window that looked over the village's lit up church and prieuré. 

Even though Jean-Marc is officially on holiday until tomorrow we had to come back early so that I could teach on January 3. A new year, an unsolicited pay raise at work and new classes await! Happy New Year to you all.

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