Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the forgotten pears

When we were at the farmhouse over the holidays, Jean-Marc made a discovery in the garden. Underneath our little pear tree there was a huge amount of fallen pears hidden in the grass. To his surprise they weren't rotten! It seems that the grass had protected them from whatever nasty weather had hit and they were just waiting to be found. There were so many that we came home with a large bag full that we split with our friends.

Even though the pears were in good shape, there were too many to eat raw, so we decided to make some pear sauce by cooking up the fruit by itself. We ended up with four jam pots full that we are keeping frozen until we're ready to use it. Personally I like it in my morning oatmeal (it replaces the sugar I would normally use) and added to plain yogurt for dessert. It's nice to have a little taste of summer/fall in the middle of winter.

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