Tuesday, April 20, 2010

time at the farmhouse

Many of you may know that I co-own a farmhouse in the French countryside with a friend and colleague from Vancouver. We've hosted workshops there in the past and are now concentrating on renting it out as a holiday home. I went there last week for an initial clean-up and gardening session. Every time I go to that part of France I fall in love with it all over again. The scenery is so beautiful and the friends we have made there are so incredibly lovely, it makes it difficult to live anywhere else. I was on my own this time because Jean-Marc was unable to get time off, but I managed to get quite a bit done, including varnishing a floor, weeding a garden and planting wild flowers, and hanging up some pictures around the house. In addition to all the house-related activities I also managed to catch up with friends over a number of meals and I went to musical that was put on by teenagers in a local château (they had spent the week at the château in a theatre camp, memorizing and working on the show). The sense of community that I feel there is something that is somewhat lacking where I'm currently living, although I'm starting to see slight rays of hope in that department. Jean-Marc and I will return to the farmhouse in June for round two of operation clean-up and I'm already looking forward to it.



  1. Hey, do you have a website for your farmhouse?

  2. why, yes! www.frenchfarmhouse.ca