Friday, March 26, 2010

yoga in my village!

Just yesterday I found out that there are yoga classes in my village. Maybe I should explain why this was such a huge surprise. My village is small, not very lively and the kind of place where they even turn out the streetlights at 10:30pm. There is one café, one bakery, a couple of other shops and that's it. I happened to go to the town hall for another reason and then I asked if there were any exercise classes or activities in town. I was told that there are three yoga classes per week and that the cost is 53 euros for three months of classes (once/week) or 150 euros for the whole year. What a deal! I was invited to go to the first class for free, which I did last night. I went to a community hall and I took a class with 12 other people. It was a different style than I am used to - very relaxed and slow moving as opposed to my vinyasa flow classes - but it was a good class all the same. Since we will likely be here for the next three months, I think I'll sign up!


  1. Go yoga go. Glad to hear you are keeping "bendy" on the cheap. I love doing yoga with the kids although we end up in giggles.

  2. That's great that you are doing yoga with the kids. Start 'em young, I say! I also bought a dvd so that I can do yoga at home - but that takes more motivation...