Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When Jean-Marc and I are at home on the weekend, we usually try to get out for a hike on one of the many paths around our house. Sometimes we head out to another village by car and then explore the area using our hiking maps (cartes IGN). That way we get to discover all the local villages and keep track of the good hikes! I always take my phone with me so that I can take photos when the moment hits me (it's our only camera at the moment). Here are a few photos from this winter's hikes and village explorations.
A vintage house address in Semur en Auxois

A patchwork field

 A cafe wall in Saulieu

 I'm not sure what this is, but it was on a house wall in Nuars

 An abandoned boot

 Manhole cover

 An abandoned shop's door

 Graphic design graffiti

 Electricity cap in Semur en Auxois

 Old stone wall with succulents 

 An old ad on the side of a house in Vézelay

 An autumnal hike near Clamecy

 Do not enter

Thistles in Asquins, with the hill of Vézelay in the background