Friday, August 26, 2011

going on tour

When I was singing in Vancouver, we went on tour a couple of times per year for up to three weeks at a time, and it was always a lot of fun to be able to see different parts of the country while working. Luckily for me, the fun can continue for me here! When the choir performs in one of my regions, or if I have some presenters who will be attending a concert in one of my colleague's regions, I get to go on tour. In July we went to Normandy and Brittany and here are a few photos from that trip.
The first concert was at the Abbey of Lessay. While the choir rehearsed, I went for a walk around the grounds and came upon this covered area full of bits of sculpture. I found the area to be quite poetic and I took a few photos.
Around the corner, there was a random pile of slate roof tiles stacked under a window.
And out in the garden, there were some gigantic figs. We tried one but it wasn't quite ripe.
Yes, we went to the seaside, but I only took one photo and it didn't turn out very well. St Malo is a quaint harbour town where the fortified walls separate the village from the beach. I'd like to go back in winter and watch the storms whilst eating some excellent seafood or crêpes (it is Brittany, after all!).

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