Sunday, November 7, 2010

my weeks are numbered

I should perhaps start by saying that I'm absolutely fine! What I'm referring to is an administrative way of talking about time that I had never used in my life before working in France. It all started at the Chamber of Commerce when I had a training session about how to fill in all the weekly room reservation and personal availability sheets. My director said "you fill in the number of the week here - next week is week 4, so you you would put 4 here." I asked what he meant by week 4 and he said that in France they refer to weeks by their number in the year, as opposed to "the week of January 24th" or whatever. I saw that it made sense and I easily started to refer to my weeks in that way, but then when I started teaching at the professional high school, I found out that they refer to weeks starting with September as week one. So now I have two numbering systems to maintain. Did you know we are in week 45 on the regular calendar and week 11 in the school calendar? It certainly makes for a lot of extra notes in my agenda!


  1. just wait - if you get pregnant you have a whole other set of weeks to keep track of!

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  3. and even with that there are two systems for numbering those weeks. i've encountered both in france. have fun!