Sunday, August 22, 2010

marianne is france

... or at least is a symbol of it!

Growing up with the first name Marianne, I never really had too much opinion about my name. It was unusual and a little old-fashioned, and it was something I neither loved nor detested. Little did I know that the name is actually a symbol of the Republic of France, the country that I would come to love!

When I first came to France as a jeune fille au pair, I remember the family's mother telling me about La Marianne, how she represents the values of France (Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité) and how she was on all the stamps. My name as the spirit and values of France: imagine! I began to like my name more and more - plus it was easy for French people to understand and pronounce.

She's currently also on the government's logo, and I now find myself running into her everywhere I go. I doubt that my parents knew anything about it when they named me, but now I'm very thankful that they chose this name!


  1. You were meant to end up in France! :)

  2. I've kind of had that feeling ever since I was about 15, even though my first trip to France was when I was 18! Something clicked when I first arrived and the name thing is a positive reminder. It feels like home, despite the frustrations.