Monday, June 21, 2010

a kitty!

A friend of Jean-Marc's has a cat who had two kittens, and when he asked us if we'd like one, we said yes! We had to wait for the kitten to be old enough before bringing him home, but just yesterday we picked him up. At first we were going to call him Oscar, but just today we decided to call him Domino because he's black and white and makes things fall over a lot. The nickname "Mino" is also close to the French minou, which is their form of the word "kitty". So far it's been an exciting 36 hours. He seems to be adjusting fairly easily, but when he's got energy and feeling playful, it's kind of chaotic. We're busy trying to protect our electrical cords, lamps and other breakable things and he's busy chasing a pencil or his tail. It's fun to have a little ball of energy with a personality around the house!