Saturday, March 6, 2010

château flipping

There is an anglophone network, with regional websites throughout France, called Anglo Info. Every now and again I check it out to look at the classified ads where I can find things that people are selling or giving away. This week I saw an ad placed by a young Irish family who is selling up shop to move back home. I thought I'd go take a look to see what was on offer and when I arrived I realized that they, in fact, lived in a château. They purchased it a couple of years ago and totally renovated it, making it into a bed and breakfast. The interior of the house was gorgeous and they truly did a wonderful job. After finishing the house and running it as a business, they decided that France wasn't for them and that they missed Ireland too much, so they sold it in January and are now selling most of the interior fixtures and furnishings. I have no idea how they afforded to buy and renovate this house, but I can imagine that they turned quite a nice profit in the end. I had a look around and seriously contemplated purchasing a number of things, but in the end I just bought their old TV for my farmhouse (we have a dvd player already with a number of dvds but were lacking a TV to be able to use them). I don't think that I would enjoy living in such a large château year-round but it sure was a nice place to dream for a little bit!

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