Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas in france

It's taken me a while to get into the Christmas spirit. I've been admittedly otherwise occupied trying to find work, but reality set in this week. Since my muffler fell off my car last week, I've been waiting for the mechanic to finish the repairs and have been stuck at home. This meant that Jean-Marc and I needed to get all our Christmas shopping done after his work hours. We did just that on Tuesday evening and then I set about baking for the family. I baked three kinds of cookies (almond pepper biscotti, sugar cookies and espresso shortbread) and found some round cardboard boxes to put them in. In addition to the cookies, I have been making cakes for Christmas. Since I couldn't make up my mind, and we were going to be there for a few days, I decided on a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a chocolate cake with coffee icing. The chocolate cake is my go-to recipe for an amazingly decadent not-too-sweet dessert. I will post the recipe soon!

I'm not quite sure what to expect for Christmas, other than a lot of great food (Jean-Marc's mom is a wonderful cook). I know that oysters, foie gras, smoked salmon and champagne are all traditional, but it remains to be seen what will be on offer. More than anything, I'm looking forward to spending time together with my new family.

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